AAssisting individuals and businesses with their virtual business initiatives

Mark Layder


Managing director of BCN UK


MARK'S  BCN UK start up interview with Lou Cattaruzza discussing his role and goals as Managing Director and the current projects that we are evaluating to start on.

I was introduced to Lou, the Founder of BCN, by someone who is becoming a trusted colleague. This Introduction proves one of the key principles that drive the project, namely that there is real POWER in Referrals. 

Getting the best out of your Network/Referrals is one of the reasons why I am so keen to see BCN reach the Mass Biz Audience with it service. 

Developing my own project called BizConnector$ ( BC$) appeared on the face of it to be a natural fit with something called BizConnection. 

Guess what? There is! 

BC$, with it's growing team of professional Connectors and out there talking with & helping Business Owners all day long, become Good Shepherds for letting as many people as possible know about the awesome resources BCN can provide to ANY company that wants to GROW.

BCN and ancillary projects like RFE were my missing ingredients in my quest to facilitate new companies that can thrive in the emerging collaborative economies.

All I can say is, "Get Involved!" Not only is this about Business Development, but is built on principles of Socially Responsible companies REALLY driving the new commercial environment . 

How could I NOT get involved in something this important. Bring us your ideas to develop, your biz's to sell or grow or get trained as a Business Connector. 

Could be a very exciting place ( positive revolution ) to be around.